Viñedos de Alfaro

Since 1974, Viñedos de Alfaro has always cultivated its vines with the same “special care”. A special care that we give to our controlled, limited production of no more than 700,000 kilos. A special care with the vines, the wines and all the winemaking and ageing processes. One by one we select the right time for the right job so as to ensure that our wines are rounded and pleasant.

Our wines are made in our wineries and we only use grapes from our own vineyards. They are estate wines. We take great care of the vines in our fields throughout their growth cycle, tending them by hand. We begin by pruning the vine to give it the right shape and help it produce new wood, and later we perform the escarda or summer pruning to remove unwanted new buds. Other jobs include bunch-pruning and deleafing. The aim is to ensure a good balance during the different stages of the process. We have known our wines for over 25 years and we listen to their demands.

We make our wines using the techniques and the time that each one requires, and each variety is treated separately. Our work is clean, meticulous and tidy so as to ensure that we obtain the best qualities in the grapes used in our wines.

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