Solar Fortún

Solar Fortun is a family owned and operated winery that was established in 2008 in the northeastern edge of Valle de Guadalupe by Astrophysicist Dr. Alberto Lopez.

Based around a strict concept of estate grown single vineyard wines with organic vineyard practices, Solar Fortun wines represent a very specific microclimate inside of Valle de Guadalupe which has lower average temperatures than the rest of the valley and very deep, sandy soils. The combination of these qualities make Solar Fortun wines very aromatic, crisp and elegant, similar to wines produced in colder weather regions.

Santiago Lopez, son of Dr. alberto, is the winemaker for the winery. UC Davis educated and previously a world class level gymnast, has achieved multiple international medals with his wines including medals in the San Diego international wine competition, critics challenge and the international bruxelles competition in Mexico. Solar Fortun wines have also received many scores over 90 points from multiple international wine guides.

Solar Fortun has 5 hectares of producing vineyards, all with certified vines and currently produces 38,000 bottles of wine annually and exports wine to the United States for sale in over 12 different states.

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